The Complete Perch SEO Tool.

Chirp allows Perch CMS content editors to analyse their content, and improve their on-site SEO.

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Chirp is now open source! A huge thanks to everyone who's supported Chirp's development along the way. We're looking for contributors ↗

Preview of Chirp in action
  • Developer focused

    With new helper functions and automatic tag generation, Chirp makes SEO easy for developers.

  • Extensibility

    Want to customise tags? You can use your own templates, send custom data for tags and more.

  • App Support

    Full support for Collections, Content, Shop and Blog for site-wide analysis.

  • Social Previews

    Make editing easier, with visual previews of how links will look when shared to social media.

  • Google Preview

    Helping editors with formatting titles and descriptions in SERPs.

  • Sitemap Checker

    Check your sitemap is accurate and up to date, with page by page status lights.

  • Readability Stats

    Help editors write even better content with readability insights that make text more human, more readable.

  • Schema Support

    We'll automatically generate schema tags for things like Organization schema and Post schema.

  • Code Snippets

    Chirp provides code snippets for a drop in solution to add inputs to each area of your site to allow editing of tags.

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