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Announcing Chirp 1.4.0 & Chirp Web App

Today we’re very excited to launch one big update and one new product. Let’s start with the new product first…

Chirp Web App

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The Chirp web app is a brand new product we’re very excited about. We wanted to give developers, users and editors the opportunity to experience Chirp without needing either Perch, or the Chirp app. Now, of course, the Chirp App remains the best editing experience as it’s in the content management system. You can store keywords to pages, which improves SEO in the longer term rather than just a one-off check.

How does it work?

So, if you visit the web app you’ll have the opportunity to input a website URL, and keyword which once submitted will give you the exact same feedback Chirp would give you for one page. From performance analysis, to readability and SEO, we think users are going to love the web app.

Chirp 4.0

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The latest Chirp update includes some fantastic editions for users, including:

  • Social ‘og’ tag checks
  • Meta canonical check
  • Social preview
  • Better support for more hosting solutions

We think that this update will give developers more information on their builds, making sure they’ve got every angle covered in digital strategy.

Oh, and one more thing…

Use the following code at checkout for 25% off over the course of the week, you can thank us later! The promotion ends Monday, 15th October.


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