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Chirp v1.1 Overview

I’ve been hard at work at developing v1.1, which has some brand new features, along with fixes and performance improvements.

Collection Support

Since launch, the most requested feature has been collection support. I’m super proud to announce that 1.1 has full collection support.

Chirp collections

How it Works

Once a URL for single items has been set, Chirp analyses your collections and knows what collections are for pages and what aren’t, super handy.

Chirp collection search

Performance Improvements

As Chirp now uses real time parsing, Chirp now caches scores and fetches them after page load. This makes Chirp faster than ever before.

Chirp preview

Please note: as Chirp has grown and has now become more dynamic, keywords now work in a different way and as a result of this, keywords set for pages will be lost in the update. Hopefully this won’t be too much of an issue, but it opens up lots possibilities.

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