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Introducing the Chirp Fieldtype

As we move into Autumn, I’ve been busy working and planning on how to improve Chirp for all it’s users, from developers to front-end users.

In it’s short lifespan, Chirp has been installed on over 80 websites, across many different countries, and the feedback has been phenomenal. So how can I improve Chirp further?

Introducing Chirp Fieldtype


With Chirp v1.2, we’re adding a custom fieldtype that you can embed in the “Page Details” tab to integrate Chirp into Perch even further. This gives editors easier control of their content, whilst getting more detailed analysis even quicker than before. The magical tag:

<perch:pages id="chirp" type="chirpseo" />

Appending this to the pages/attributes/seo.html template will give you the page breakdown right within the page details tab.

Please make sure that chirp_seo is added to the config/apps.php in order for fieldtypes to work. Prior to this update, it was not needed.

Chirp v1.2

With v1.2 comes the normal bug fixes bla bla bla, but it also tackles some of the common issues developers have had with the Website URL setting in Perch, providing more of a explanation as to why things aren’t working. v1.2 is currently in beta and the launch is right around the corner.

v1.2 also adds a new image attribute check to make sure image tags have alternative text, really cool.

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